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Meet Sarah Cowell

Office Manager

About Sarah

Responsibility and Charm

Sarah joined our team in 2016 after working in office management for almost half her life. She has adapted to many environments after having a wide exposure to different industries, working for a machine shop, engineering firm and a software company. She has spent the past four years devoted to two Boston startups. Handling tasks as diverse as project management, accounting, human resources, reporting and customer service, Sarah brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in any challenge presented to her. She is comfortable taking the lead on large projects and brings experience working with property management companies. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Salem State University.

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Family and Theater

Sarah enjoys spending her free time with her husband and her large extended family. She is also actively involved in local theater as an actress and singer. Sarah is well known as an amazing dog-sitter. She loves taking care of other people's dogs... after which she returns to her dogless home.