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Meet Nick Soughley

Project Manager

About Nick

Aim High...Fly-Fight-Win!

Nick joined AD MELIORA in 2015. Before entering the construction industry, Nick served honorably in the United States Air Force for six years, including two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Following his decorated military career, Nick received his undergraduate degree from Worcester State University in Business and Economics while working for Turner Construction Company in Boston.

Currently, Nick is a Project Manager and earning his Masters in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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All in the family

Nick loves the fact that there is family mixed in with his business. Nick's dad, Paul, is a Senior Vice President with AD MELIORA. Since Nick was a toddler, his father took him to visit all of his job sites. Nick got to see the beginning, middle and end of the projects and the sense of pride his father had after completing a job resonated with and inspired him to get into construction. Nick loves spending his free time with his wife and two kids and sharing the office with his Saint Bernard, Mitchell.