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Meet Navroop Sahdev

Head of Research

About Navroop

Intellect and Passion

Navroop is a research fellow at Ad Meliora, currently focused on the intersection of financial markets and the applications of decentralized technologies. She is also a Research Associate at the Centre d'économie de l'Université Paris Nord (CEPN). Her research interests are focused on Blockchain, Networks Theory, Complex Systems Science and Complexity Theory.

In the past, she has worked as a Research Fellow at the Center for International Development at Harvard University, United Nations Environment Programme in Geneva, Switzerland and University of the Fraser Valley, Canada.

She is a graduate of University of Paris XIII (France) and University of Turin (Italy) where she completed her European Masters in Economic Policy. An Eiffel Excellence Scholar, she holds a second Masters in Economics and a Bachelors in Economics from Panjab University, India.

Navroop was born and brought up in India and is passionate about traveling.