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President & CEO

About Jan

Leadership and Intellectual Creativity

As AD MELIORA's President & Chief Executive Officer Jan is responsible for overseeing the management of the business. With over 10 years of successful experience in diverse areas of the Commercial Real Estate Industry, he has led projects and completed assignments both in the US and Belgium. Before he founded AD MELIORA in 2011, Jan was in charge of the family's business in Belgium and after more than doubling the Belgium real estate turnover, he successfully led the expansion of his family's business into the US market in 2008. Soon, friends wanted him to invest their money, then friends of friends and thereafter, AD MELIORA was created to accommodate this natural growth. The company experienced such rapid growth that, in 2012, Jan and his family moved to Boston.

Jan holds a Law Degree from the University of Ghent, one of the top universities in Belgium. Jan has a passion for classical music. He has conducted and played in several orchestras in Europe and the US and is currently the principal 2nd violinist for the Boston Civic Orchestra, where he sits on the board. Jan also sits on the leadership council of the Berklee College of Music.

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Renaissance Man

Many people don't realize that Jan is an accomplished musician, performing professionally as both an orchestral conductor and violinist. Having begun playing the violin at the age of 4, he went on to get his bachelors and masters in Violin performance, and a masters in orchestral conducting. In 2002, he became chief conductor and artistic director of the Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra, with whom he toured China in 2011. In 2013, they performed in Paris.

Jan still plays the violin, serving as principle 2nd violinist of the Boston Civic Orchestra. As music is such a strong influence in his life, he sits on the board of the Boston Civic Orchestra, and serves on the leadership council of the BCB (Boston Conservatory at Berklee). As if that weren't enough, Jan is fluent in Dutch, French, and English and has a working grasp of German and Korean.