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AD MELIORA was founded in 2011. Our name is derived from the Latin for "towards better" and defines us well as we pride ourselves in always reaching higher. Our goal is to give our private investors, big and small, a reliable alternative investment opportunity in the US Real Estate market. To minimize risk we invest in good neighborhoods of world class cities like Boston. To learn more about our company, CLICK HERE. For more about our philosophy, CLICK HERE

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In order to be able to provide the best service possible, in addition to our core staff, we have surrounded ourselves
with some of the finest partners in the best firms in New England

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Start with the right staff, location and community

Here at Ad Meliora, Our staff is the very lifeblood of what we do. We have grown slowly and carefully, selecting the right people for the right jobs...intellectually curious with diversified backgrounds, our staff continues to find exciting opportunities and follow them through to completion and beyond.

We understand that the right location is critical for success. We have chosen Boston for our home and that decision has proven solid. While all investments are not the same and our results vary from project to project, Boston, in addition to having great historical standing as the birthplace of freedom, has a remarkably stable real estate market. We saw this in 2007-2008. When the real estate market crashed elsewhere in the US, Boston stayed remarkably strong.

Ever cognizant of the fact that the handprint we leave on communities is our lasting legacy, we strive to make quality investments that enrich the communities around us. It's our aim to leave the surrounding community more beautiful, vibrant, and optimistic than we found it.

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